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"How To Access Your Intuition To Make Decisions"

Make Better Decisions, Live a Better Life

Every day our decisions either have a positive or negative impact on our lives.

From the food we eat, the way we exercise, our relationships,
our careers — they are all impacted by the decisions we make day to day.

And these decisions either move us closer or further away from
us living our best life.

Are you aware of what is influencing your decisions every day?

The Compounding Effect of Your Decision Making

When you become aware and in control over your decisions
you gain control over the destiny of your life

Moving From Unconscious Poor Decisions
to Intentional Good Decisions is a Skill

Are You Aware of How You Make Decisions?

The problem is that that most decision making occurs primarily at an unconscious level.  We just do it. It means we aren’t even aware of HOW we are making decisions which is frightening given the tremendous ripple effect it has on our lives.

As we move through life our decisions accumulate, the more good decisions you make the closer you get to your goals, the more bad decisions lead us away from where we want to be.

Most thoughts arise … without your knowing how they got there… many decisions go on in the silence of the mind.” – Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner for his work on decision making.

Too many bad decisions can lead us down the wrong path

You can end up where you don’t want to be.

How many times have you seen, or maybe experienced making the wrong decision?

There are stories filled with missed opportunities for just the right thing…

  • the soul mate that you passed up only to realize later they were the one,
  • the investment that could have made you money,
  • the health treatment that caused more problems than the illness.

The wrong choice was made.

Jane had a fast-growing business, the future was looking great. She was well known in the media and had a great reputation with her customers. Then an opportunity came up to partner with another business that fit perfectly with hers. Initially Jane was unsure but decided to go with it.

Things began wonderfully, until the business partner’s owner, wanting more control, had a falling out with Jane. But it didn’t end there, the business partner was vindictive and went to the media with false accusations about Jane. Her reputation was ruined, and it took a long time to get her customers to trust her again.

It’s amazing how the decisions we make, whether they are small or big can have a tremendous impact on our lives.

We often make decisions without knowing the best way to make a decision, which is frightening given the tremendous ripple effect it has on our lives.

So if decision making is so important and is the #1 contributing factor to our success in life, then…

Get Control of Your Decision Making

The best decisions are made with a combination of both analysis and intuition.

The analysis is all about gathering the research, looking at the data, and being able to logically analyze your next step based on the intel you have available to you.

Your intuition is different. Your intuition is a powerful force that each of us have within us. And when used properly can guide us to make good decisions 85-90% of the time.

Our intuition has the big picture and allows us to see with clarity so we can know where to go. We have a wealth of the right answers within us, we just need to access it. Our intuition holds the core of those right answers.

The most successful people in the world, when pressed for how they got there, will answer they made the right decisions by combining data with going with their gut.

“Senior executives believe that higher intuitive abilities would contribute to greater business success.”
— Global Report: International Survey on Intuition

When I look back on my life, I realized how important certain decisions were in my life.

  • The person I chose to marry, the love of my life, which created the best highs and gotten me through the worst lows. My life is richer beyond what I could have ever imagined having chosen the right person, my intuition told me he was the one.
  • My business has grown tremendously since my intuition told me the perfect people to connect with and learn from. My business, by the way is my dream job, I love what I do because my intuition showed me my passion.
  • And… as you may have heard my story, my intuition saved my life when I was seriously ill and the doctors were ignoring me. I could have died.

Without making these important decisions coupled with my intuition, I know my life would not be as fulfilled or happy… or if I would even be here…

The point is, you make better decisions
using your intuition than without.

But here’s the problem…

Nobody Has Ever Taught Us HOW To Access Our Intuition to Make Decisions

Imagine having this incredibly powerful guiding force and not knowing how to use it?

Crazy right?

And yet, intuition is a foundational component to making good decisions and when used, can lead to incredible breakthroughs in life.

  • When you decided if you would go to college or where you would go?
  • A relationship and whether you should continue or part ways?
  • Or your career… should you take that job?  Start your own business?
  • Should you move where you live or where to move to?

Can you see how one decision has taken your life in a totally different direction?

Now imagine having a guide (your intuition), helping you make GOOD decisions.

Decisions that don’t leave you spinning your wheels or constantly second guessing yourself.

Decisions that feel right and that leave you confident moving forward.

It’s possible and I can show you how.

Hi, my name is Lisa K.

Having studied intuition skills for over a decade and have degrees in psychobiology and engineering, with a PhD dissertation on intuition, I mastered my intuition from scratch.

I discovered how intuition works and put together a step-by-step method that works consistently and reliably to access your intuition any time.

When I was seriously ill with a disease that would have killed me, I had to rely on my intuition to help me make a decision on what to do. That decision saved my life.

Because of my success with developing my own intuition, I moved on to teaching others how to access their intuition to make decisions.

I’ve worked with thousands of students around the world to help them develop their intuition skills to make great life decisions.

All of them started from scratch like me, not knowing if they had intuition at all and those who felt they were intuitive but couldn’t rely on it, to now trusting their intuition reliably. They all can now make the best decisions without that feeling of doubt or uncertainty.

And through this, I developed a process for not only identifying one’s intuition but utilizing it to help guide decision making.

This process gets results

What can life be like when you make better decisions with your intuition?

it’s more than just the decision

Making good decisions is part one.

Trusting the decisions that you’ve made is part two.

Your intuition has the ability to give you answers that not only lead to a better life but that also give your freedom to dream and move forward.

You don’t “spin” and you don’t second guess yourself.

You move forward with clarity and confidence.

You trust yourself.

Imagine this…

… you’re making a decision, you have a signal from your intuition that tells you, you’re going down the wrong path and to stop, and then it shows you the right one.

… or you have to make a decision fast, but you were overwhelmed with information, and suddenly the right intuitive solution pops up for you.

… suppose you have a big decision,…you go over dozens of pros and cons, but you freeze because of the confusion it presents you, then clarity pops in from your intuition with a solution where everything falls into place and you can move forward with confidence and calm.

What if you knew that any situation that comes up you could handle it with the right thing to do because you KNEW for certain the correct thing to do.

What if you knew for sure that you could depend on your decision making because you could always call upon your secret weapon, that superpower that  is your intuition giving you confidence?

You’d go for it, right? Make better decisions today!

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